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Jahkini Bisselink

Jahkini Bisselink joined Whetston strategic foresight in 2020, as a youth expert. Jahkini is a former United Nations Youth Delegate and now continues her work researching trends amongst her own generation, generation Z. She has developed into a memorable speaker, working with clients like Deutsche Telekom and the European Parliament.

About Jahkini Bisselink


Jahkini’s strong suit is that she is able to give an authentic insight in the world of her own generation: Gen Z, whilst clearly understanding how to translate this knowledge into business take-aways.

In her role as a UN Youth Delegate she has spoken with 4000+ young people in the form of consultations and travelled from New York to Geneva to let their voice be heard.

At the age of 18 she gave her first speech during the General Assembly of the United Nations, and over the years she has developed into an inspiring speaker, who can bring a fresh breath of air to the stage.

TedX - short

From Woke-Washing to Meaningful Action

Emerce- short

75 years UN (Dutch)

At UN SDG 10 - short

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Speaking topics

Youth in Action: Generation Z & beyond

Youth in Action: Generation Z & beyond

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“We had the pleasure of featuring Jahkini as a speaker on youth communication to our staff. She was great to work with and attentive to our needs. Her talk was interactive and engaging and her answers during the Q&A were thoughtful and relevant.”

‐ European Parliament

“Jahkini was a fantastic panelist. Her insights were praised by our event attendees, and her composure offered substantial points that revealed cultural truths of Gen Z.”

‐ R/GA

“Jahkini has been part of our award-winning Deutsche Telekom #whatwedonext campaign in 2020. She was one of six brand ambassadors portrayed in our campaign together with Billie Eilish, and supported the entire campaign across her own social media channels and our corporate channels. Jahkini is an inspiring young woman who has a brilliant mind, a positive attitude and the power to encourage young people to take a stand in life. It’s been a real pleasure working with her. She was highly professional, open for suggestions and contributed high value content to our campaign. We would definitely work with her again and can highly recommend her as a speaker, content creator, influencer and interview partner.”

‐ Deutsche Telekom AG

“Jahkini represented the voice of Generation Z on the event FLAIRS 2020 during a table discussion with C-level executives of different banks on the subjects Diversity and Sustainability within the financial sector. She is well spoken, honest and is not afraid to share her thoughts and insights from her viewpoint. Her participation added a new perspective to the table discussion.”

‐ Rabobank / Flairs Conference

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Jahkini & Lecyca. From the preparation to their presentation style: they are the perfect speakers to give insight into Gen Z!”

‐ Emerce
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