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Lecyca Curiel

Lecyca Curiel (1998) has joined WHETSTON as our pioneering Gen Z speaker at the age of seventeen. Ever since, she has gone beyond generational boundaries and brought her boundless enthusiasm and curiosity to audiences around the globe, bridging the gap between our youngest generations and the people in the board rooms.

About Lecyca Curiel

With her stage presence and charisma Lecyca can keep any audience on the edge of their seats. Some of her personal speaking highlights are the international Walmart Executives session in Silicon Valley, the FRED Forum in NYC and the Youth Outreach Unit of the European Parliament.

Lecyca is a fulltime (and lifelong) student, currently pursuing a degree in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at the University of Amsterdam. Alongside her studies, Lecyca loves to wander around in the field of arts and culture where she regularly hosts events.

On the side, she is a multifaceted social advocate working as an ambassador for the IMC Weekendschool, an intern at the annual Women2Women leadership conference and she is a Senior Fellow of Humanity in Action.

Like many of her peers: She is on fierce mission to build a world that is fair, inclusive and sustainable.

Fred Leadership Forum NYC

From Woke-Washing to Meaningful Action

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Speaking topics

Youth in Action: Generation Z & beyond

Youth in Action: Generation Z & beyond

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“Very impressive!”

‐ Deborah Frances White

“Lecyca is a spontaneous girl who can present very well. She knows how to captivate the audience. It was an educational and inspiring morning. ”


“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Jahkini & Lecyca. From the preparation to their presentation style: they are the perfect speakers to give insight into Gen Z!”

‐ Emerce EDAY

“Lecyca was one of the lead speakers at BDO Norways risk conference 2019. She spoke about what it will mean for an organization that generation Z is soon a part of the workforce, how to hire them, and how to keep them. Being a Gen Z herself, Lecyca engaged the audience with real-life examples and maintained a good balance between humor and seriousness. She received great feedback from the audience.”

‐ BDO Nordic

“What a fantastic presentation. We were moved to tears.”

‐ Guldgalan Conference

“Loads of great feedback from our delegates on the Gen Z presentation!”

‐ Learnfest

“It was a great training with very inspirational insight into the Gen Z mentality! We all learned so much and Lecyca is a really a great trainer.”

‐ European Youth Outreach Unit

“She knocked us dead!”

‐ Guy Gumbrell / Imperial College Business School

“The bright spot of the 2017 FRED Forum.”

‐ FRED Leadership Forum NYC

“Lecyca Curiel did a wonderful presentation at Institute for the Future, for a meeting of international presidents of one of the world’s largest corporations. Beyond just presenting, she led a great conversation with these very senior executives about what to expect from young people less than 22 years old as they enter the workplace. Lecyca is a powerful and personable presence!”

‐ Dr. Bob Johansen – IFTF
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