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Lecyca Curiel

Lecyca Curiel (1998) started researching and delivering keynote presentations on Generation Z when she was only seventeen years old. Now, years later, it is her mission to trample generational stereotypes, demystify Generation Z and foster intergenerational collaboration in the workplace.

About Lecyca Curiel

Building bridges between the corporate world and the next generation of employees, Lecyca has been working as a Generation Z keynote speaker for international think thank WHETSTON / strategic foresight. As a seventeen-year-old teenager, she was scouted by internationally renowned keynote speaker, and founder of Whetston, Thimon de Jong. Over the past years, Lecyca has showed the stage presence and charisma to keep any (large) audience on the edge of their seats. She among others spoke for international Walmart executives, the Youth Outreach Unit of the European Parliament and Google’s international marketing managers.

From Ljubljana to Sillicon Valley, Lecyca travels the world as an anthropologist, keynote speaker and documentary filmmaker, seeking and sharing stories that represent inclusive intergenerational collaboration. As a speaker, Lecyca is characterized by her genuine human interest both on and off stage. Her keynotes are rooted in (academic) research and always include a series of practical, strategic take-aways that help leaders overcome today’s societal challenges. Lecyca never fails to build bridges between seemingly different worlds.

In 2019, Dutch newspaper Het Financieele dagblag selected Lecyca as one of the 50 most promising young talents in the Netherlands.

Fred Leadership Forum NYC

From Woke-Washing to Meaningful Action

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Speaking topics

Generation Z: Collaborative Action

Generation Z: Collaborative Action

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‘Lecyca’s workshop was very insightful and inspiring. She is a great trainer.’

‐ European Youth Outreach Unit

“Lecyca is a powerful and personable presence!”

‐ Walmart

“What a fantastic presentation. We were moved to tears.”

‐ Guldgalan Conference

“She knocked us dead!”

‐ Guy Gumbrell / Imperial College Business School

“What a fantastic presentation. We were moved to tears.”

‐ Guldgalan Sweden

‘Lecyca is a powerful and personable presence!’

‐ Institute for the Future

“Being a Gen Z herself, Lecyca engages the audience with real-life examples and maintained a good balance between humor and seriousness.”

‐ BDO Norway

‘The bright spot of our conference.’

‐ FRED Leadership Forum NYC
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