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Monte Königs

Monte Königs joined WHETSTON / strategic foresight in 2017. He is our in-house executive coach and mental leadership expert. But most importantly: our impactful speaker on the topics of ethics, trust and social innovation.

About Monte Königs


Because of his background in executive coaching, Monte not only provides his audiences with sharp social and business analyses, striking real-life examples and interactivity, but most of all: impactful personal insights for any business professional. Clients describe Monte as refreshingly honest: with positivity and enthusiasm, he likes to get to the point.

Monte is also a leadership lecturer at the international Hotelschool The Hague where he trains the hospitality leaders of the future. And, he regularly moderates events at Pakhuis de Zwijger.

Monte studied Sociology with a master in Urban Studies. Before Whetston, Monte worked as a social researcher at Ipsos Market Research and Motivaction International. In 2017 he was nominated for the Young Talent Award (MOA).


A Culture of Curiosity

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“Such an inspiring presentation on a subject that is super relevant to our daily work. Everybody was impressed by Monte as a speaker.”

‐ Philips

“One of the best speakers we ever had.”

‐ Rotary International

“I was immediately struck by Monte’s thought provoking insights, yet personable and interactive style of engagement. So impressed was I, that I immediately booked him for the two upcoming gatherings of senior Veolia executives. Based on his talks we took concrete actions to ameliorate how we as an organisation communicate and market ourselves.”

‐ Hildagarde McVille, CEO Veolia

“Monte held a held a mirror up to the employees of the Red Cross with enthusiasm and passion. He used very current examples to bring the theme to life and to convey the message of embracing and securing ethics in the organisation.”

‐ Red Cross

“Monte was the highlight of the conference. He is super enthusiastic, the content was very relevant to the audience and his performance very good.”

‐ SpareBank

“Monte’s session is a must for every organisation. It will make the world a better place.”

‐ Vodafone
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